Required Courses

The Master of Biotechnology (MBIOT) degree requires the completion of 39 credit hours and the satisfactory completion of a comprehensive final exam. The curriculum has recently been revised to include more elective courses and a choice of business certificates.

Course Prefix Course Name Credit Hours
BIOT 601 Biotechnology Principles and Techniques I 4
BIOT 635 Molecular Biotechnology 3
BIOT 645 Biotechnology Writing 3
BIOT 681 Biotechnology Seminar 1
BIOT 684 Directed Professional Internship 4
BIOT 685 Directed Studies 3
N/A Online CITI Responsible Conduct of Research course N/A
600 level Business courses* 12
Elective hours Business, science or technology courses 9

* By choosing a particular set of business courses, students may earn one of the following certificates in addition to the MBIOT degree:

Certificate of Business

Course Prefix Course Name Credit Hours
ACCT 640 Accounting Concepts and Procedures 3
FINC 635 Financial Management for Non-Business Majors 3
MGMT 655 Survey of Management 3
MKTG 621 Survey of Marketing 3

Certificate of Entrepreneurship–take 12 hours of the following:

Course Prefix Course Name Credit Hours
MGMT 632 Technology Commercialization 3
MGMT 637 Foundations of Entrepreneurship 3
MGMT 638 Strategic Entrepreneurship 3
MGMT 639 Negotiations 3
MGMT 640 Managing for Creativity and Innovation 3
MGMT 658 Managing Projects 3
MGMT 675 Leadership in Organizations 3
FINC 644 Funding New Ventures 3

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  • For more information about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, click here.

The comprehensive final exam is taken the last semester of the student’s program, usually the second fall semester after entering the program.